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Weave Words is an excellent word-based arcade game
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Weave Words is a game developed by Redclaw Games. As the name states, it has the player forming words in order to complete a phrase or a sentence. First of all there are three modes of game play - the basic one, a time-based game play, and a survival mode (time based on skill).

As a player, you are introduced to a theme and a hidden phrase that appear at the top of the screen, while the game area has a grid of hexagons, each with a letter in it. You must form words by chaining the hexagons together - this is achieved by selecting a letter adjacent to the one you selected previously. Once a word is formed you can submit it for points, and then choose one of the letters in that word and use it to solve the mystery phrase. If this letter is part of the phrase at the top, the game will show it to you. After a few words you should have a pretty good idea of what the phrase is, and you can either complete it or make a guess.

The game is very professional-looking, very stable and with an excellent design excellent. It certainly helps to build up brain muscle, as the game play is smart and fun.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Great interface
  • Good game play


  • The music is too simple
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